Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ice Storm

Valentines' Day has been tentatively chosen as Post 100 day.
But about the ice storm...
Yesterday as I was coming home, I took a crash-slide on the ice covered brick. That was with my about-40 pound backpack. As a result of the fall, my left arm was paralyzed for about 2 minutes, and later I deduced that my left wrist was strained. As I said yesterday, I had forgotten my keys at home but I got in eventually. However, that was just the start of the ice storm. After I had finished blogging, our DSL internet went down. (Not the phone, not the power.) It didn't restart until this afternoon. Because of the ice, we got an extra hour at home, and shortened classes across the board. On the con side, I could not take a quick candy reload mission because it was too icy. Now on the way home today, not to sound too much like Patrick Wilmore, I did make it onto the second shuttle. I would not have minded the third for today, as we would have been on the same boat. "Mom, I'm on the second shuttle." I did the mission today in 9 minutes.

Much nicer than running to the station! PS I think my wrist will be alright for tommorow.

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