Wednesday, February 27, 2008

From the heart

Today, I performed a few cardiac procedures on a sheep heart.
Cardiac bisection, tricuspid valve trisection, cardiac liposuction, and aortic semi-lunar valve replacements were a sample of what invasive procedures we did in our double-period bio class today. Of course, you can call it Dissection. From the hack-surgeon's perspective, leaving the semi-lunar valve intact was the most difficult job.
On the woozy subject of the heart, here is a sappy song from the heart:

It's so hard to part from you,
when we are splitting ways.
As hard as it is for me to say,
we must really go.

We've done so much together,
Been through a lot together,
We have so much in common,
It's hard to let it go.

The train is coming to take me away,
When those cold doors shut,
with tearful eyes we see the last,
it'll be hard to say good-bye.

When will we meet again?
My train has sadly come,
I wish I could never leave you,
but the time has come;

When you're ten miles off,
I'll run to meet you,
We'll promise to never leave again;
I'll carry you through.

With a dreadful heart I know it's a while away,
Thinking of you every second of every day;
I'll text message you, I'll Facebook you;
Please don't drop me as your friend.

I know you won't, I will return,
like a soldier coming back from war;
All the time we have been gone will be forgot,
and we will start anew:

First you'll see my silhouette,
then you'll hear my voice,
then the door will open,
and I'll be with you again!

Atticus Sawatzki ----'-{<

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