Monday, February 4, 2008

"Little Brother"

In my story of my life, I sometimes must make mention to him. Well, he will be back, but his impacts on my blog might show up before. Ever since Little Brother went back to New York in early January, I have been able to blog every day or night. But there may be a break in the chain on Thursday and Friday, when I will be at CUMUNC, Catholic University's Model UN Conference. That will go on until 10:30 at night. To say the least, there will be a whole pile to write about on Saturday. Then Little Brother will desced upon the city, and who knows how many nights he will keep me from my blog. Maybe I can circumvent him... He will be shadowing someone in section III-B, (the other class), this month. More details to follow. I have been quite generous to his image so far, but, of course, there is a lot that any sibling could say about the other.

PS. WE WON on TV! Saint Anselm's beat the others on a landslide victory against the other It's academic teams. The NY Giants won the big game against the Boston (New England) Patriots. If I were doing the choreography, I would have let the Patriots score in the last second and upset the game.

Crepe Sale Friday. "French Pancakes" are not for sale. Real Crepes are for sale. Bring your money. 50 cents for a small, one dollar for a large, first topping free, 2 for 25 cents, 4 for 50 cents.

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