Friday, February 22, 2008


"...We had our first snow day today, and I made sure to take advantage of it. (Catch up on sleep, finish this weekend's homework...) Sadly, there was no snow in front of my house, but I guess there is a lot of snow around somewhere, and I ended up with a three-day school week."

Quickly said, but here are some juicy details.
6:05 am- Wake up to the wonderful snow day. Went back to bed,
7:35 am- Had breakfast
Where did my time disappear?
9:50 am- Shower and dress up
10:15 am- Sort coins to send to bank
10:35 am- Build a coin-operated lock
11:00 am- Start doing Biology cards
Watch some more cartoons
12:25 pm- Finish Biology cards
1:30 pm- Delicious South American lunch brought home and enjoyed
2:05 pm- Circulate over to Union Station to drop off Little brother
At Union Station, there was a big line. All seats that were not reserved were filled north of Wilmington. Had to wait a while.
But I do proclaim DC Union Station the best rail terminal in the US, at least. Reports- Philly 30th street- will I be robbed?, Penn Station NYC , actually quite dumpy. Grand Central is just like Union DC, except the platforms are a little grimy. (Granny smiths to Ruby Reds)
4:15 pm- Circulate back home,
5:00 pm- play more Locomotion
6:30 pm- A little dinner
Time goes somewhere...
8:20 pm- Jmag and Blog.

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