Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Paper Fighters

I write this post as I review a small video clip from my cell phone.
This clip is of what we call a Paper Fight. In this sport, both parties roll free newspapers and perform a ninja fight. This game is relatively safe, and is much fun, when it is staged. The sport would be great at any unsupervised, responsible, party. Adults and the media may take offense if it becomes popular, but it still would make a great late-night TV show and YouTube material. Also, I have been convinced that the Bio Club does do seriously cool stuff. So I encourage you, even though I have not yet (let's check my schedule...), to join, as well as get the opportunity to win a Bill Gates XBox.

I nearly forgot to type this because it happens earlier than in a lifetime this year, but today is Super Fat Tuesday, one time in about a hundred years that Fat Tuesday aka Mardi Gras, and Super Tuesday collide. Whatever incomparable indulgences and marked mischievousnesses you do tonight, don't forget tomorrow is Ash Wednesday.

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