Friday, February 8, 2008

Backlog: CUMUNC I

(Thursday, after school). I had some math homework. Also, I had to write a position paper- which had been changed in that last few minutes before getting on the shuttle over to CU. "We're screwed." Nearly. Chris and I had worked on the original paper since Wednesday, and combining the two versions at lunch. We scrounged the details of International Affairs and scrapped together a draft. Luckily the conference had something called the Resource Room with four laptops. So we typed in all the info and had something slightly decent. Then I nearly had a bite to eat. I think it was such a waste, though. Once I had gotten my little plate, it was time to go in to the opening ceremonies. Thus like the real UN, I threw away food without shame. So this is the opening ceremony. There was the worst speaker I had ever heard. He sarcastically said he would keep the talk under three hours. Kahn and Lockes' world peace. For half an hour.

So then we got started on the conference. Unfortunately, we did not get the upper hand that day, but we did become sponsors- something important for the points game. So it was quite fun for 3 hours (I will elaborate later.) It was 10:30 when we finished, and 11:30 I got to bed.

More later!

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