Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sweet and Sour

I just got home from scootering for 17 minutes to and from the car to find my cell phone. The phone only took about 2 minutes to find. Therefore you know the car was parked in some way far off land. The only reason in moving the car from the nice parking space in front of my residence to 7 blocks away was to go to the Orchestra, and to buy a violin. With the proper advice of a non-shop violin pro, I got a great-sounding instrument. I will not release the price of the instrument today, but moneywise, it will pay for itself in two years and nine months in place of renting, FYI. Enjoyably, it's priceless because I want to play this violin a lot, to make it sound "better", according to the violin professional, who had the violin design customized for his shop.

Nice new violin, bow, case, and a shoulder rest on the house.
I'm eager to try a concerto on it.

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