Sunday, February 10, 2008

CUMUNC IV (Sunday)

The wind blew and whistled through the building, the temperature is falling fast. But, I will not speak of that, rather I would speak of one of my best days of my life.

It was 9:50, I had intentionally come in at 9:40. The fellow delegate was not here yet, so I had to entertain the thought of dictatorship. Not necessary, as one could clearly see people from "a mile away" from the top floor of the Przyb' Center. Everything had to be carefully said and done to be a breadwinner, the whole South Africa-Japan bloc knew. So on the stage we pressed to get our paper, authored by South Africa (Very good thing) through the question session. Unfortunately, the front-row countries such as China and England had a different agenda. By the grace of heaven we were able to merge the infidel's paper into ours. The conference barely held together as we finally voted the resolution in. A little parade, and the conference went downhill. A militant group took away Singapore and we threw paper airplanes and paper anti-aircraft missiles to intercept.

Lunch was the same as yesterday, and the fellow delegate had a celebratory sk-cub-rats (read backwards) Frappucino. Then there was the closing ceremony, which was the awards ceremony. Our conference group, the SOCHUM (Social, cultural and humanitarian.) had our awards first. The outrageous militants (China and Israel), all three being 11th graders, in a corrupted manner, got the two Outstanding prizes. At least a Saint Anselm's character won the grand prize, a gavel. At least the other awards were given without corruption. A classmate (9th grade), who performed well, won in the 1963 US security council run-up. But there was the big prize. Best High School. Who guessed? We won with a yelp, upsetting McGuniess' 5 year winning streak. I guess all our people performed do well. "South Africa deserved to win", and we did. So did Japan. You'll hear it all on Thursday at announcements. Again.

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JustAnotherGuy said...

Hey, I came across your blog when I googled CUMUNC. Its pretty cool, lol. I believe I was in the same commitee as you, SOCHUM. However, there seems to be some misinformation. You mentioned that China and Israel were all three 11th graders. That is incorrect, for only 2 of those were 11th graders, the other one was a 10th grader (me). In fact, that was, for all intents and purposes, my first actual conference. Hope to see you this year at CUMUNC, in like, about a week, XP. And it was true that Solomon, representing Brazil, did a great job and deserved to win the prize he won (gavel).