Saturday, February 16, 2008


Right now, I just finished writing my Bio index cards. After I finish my brisk math assignment, I'm going to Staples to restock on another 500. Of course, I was at orchestra today- a different one though.

District Metropolitan Youth Orchestra Program, the new PG County spur of DCYO. The most attractive parts: Clean building, and exclusively for experienced people. Yes, and many higher-level DCYO people are flocking to it.

However, three teachers were out today due to the flu. The news says it's a bad year regarding it.
A friendly reminder from SARS guy and The Virus Board; wear your respiratory mask!
Please, Mr. SARS guy! Anyway, just be careful.

Little Brother wants to play a computer game, and I had to let in now on the blog, just in case if I couldn't tonight.

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