Monday, February 11, 2008

I did it again

Some people say it's for personal achievement, but I only do it for practical reasons- getting home fast. Maybe it is sort of the former, seeing if I can make it to be with everyone else. Classmates, and friends, if I may be that bold. I know what it is like; looking at the street below from the Fort Totten red line platform, watching anxiously for the next shuttle to drop off the rest of the entourage before the next train came.

I guess it's something to see someone come up the escalator out of apparent nothing.
As I am suggesting, I repeated the B51-passes-you-then-you-run-for-the-80 routine. It worked, again. I must mention, this event somewhat resembles what happened Wednesday, February 6. I avoided a mob and ended up behind the benefactor, making me #15. If I would have counted carefully beforehand, I would have avoided the situation and left him in his #15 place. So I did the aforementioned routine.

It was lucky that the routine worked, particularly today, when there was a train delay (Our train repeatedly malfunctioned), which kept me out of home for half an hour. For that matter, it was so bad that by New York Avenue, I was doubting my ability to get off at Metro Center, therefore requiring me to Farragut North it. I got out fine, and I was mighty glad I had the communal entourage to support me through those hard delays.

Now...about after the successful awards ceremony last afternoon

I zipped over to the Cathedral (the place I spent a miserable night on Dec. 1, 2007) to watch a fellow St. Thomas alumnus sing evensong. Went well, got to boast of my recent part in victory, came home and had a nice pasta dinner. And I worked on the history project.

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